Queen and Other Stories

by Lincoln Crisler



Queen & Other Stories collects the best of Lincoln Crisler’s horror and dark science fiction, including several digital-only rarities and two brand-new pieces. The fourteen short stories and one novella include:

Tradition: A widow and a group of her late husband’s friends take a stab at a cathartic hunting trip in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

Old Stooping Lugh: Irish and Italian gangsters run afoul of an ancient Celtic deity in 1920’s Boston.

Nice to Matter: The secret origin of a superhero cop’s prostitute sidekick.

The Bad Place: A little girl discovers the secret behind her brother’s disappearance–and an outlandish time-travel plan to save her from their abusive father that might do more harm than good.

Queen: A middle-aged woman in a frigid marriage discovers her experimental age-defying treatment may be something more than skin deep.

“…a very confident writer…his experience and self-assuredness radiate from every page.” — The Nocturnal Library

“His talent with the mechanical craft of prose is undeniable, and his stories wield a distinctive, uncompromising edge…very often that ‘bad thing’ you fear so much waits just around the corner, hungry and lurking.” –Shroud Magazine

find Lincoln online at lincolncrisler.info