LampLight Gift Subscription

Want to give a subscription of LampLight to a friend or loved one? It is easy! You just need their email address. Fill it in, and hit Buy Now!

They will get one fill year of LampLight send directly to their inbox or Kindle!

*Note, gift subscriptions will need a day or so to process, as there is a human involved setting things up on the back end. (questions? see below!)


$10 – One Year Subscription

Recipient’s email (required)
Note for Recipient (optional)


Why do you need my friend / loved one’s email?

The email is to contact them, and how the issues are delivered (emailed when they come out).

What happens after I hit Buy Now?

You will be sent to PayPal’s site, from there you can pay with your PayPal account, or just a credit card.

What is this human in the middle doing?

The subscription software we have doesn’t let us do a gift subscription (yet!) so for now, we are using this an an intermediate method.

So, after you purchase the subscription, someone will set up the account for your friend, and send them an email with more information (and your message if you left one), so they can start reading!

What if there is a problem?

Then just email us, and we will fix it.