This was started as an idea during a late night table top session. Make role playing games we said! We’ll print them and play them and be geeks of legend!

Time passed. We left college, joined the real world, and well, got distracted by all that ’real’ness.

Well, I got undistracted and in June of 2012 Apokrupha was born.

Instead of just talking about what I think publishers should be doing, I am trying to do it.

  • Ebooks sold at a reasonable price, offered up DRM free
  • Release of ebook, paperbacks and hardcovers at the same time
  • Paying up front and on time to writers
  • Treating customers and writers as people, and knowing they are more important than some dot-com retailer

Apokrupha is run by Jacob Haddon, a wandering engineer with a love of stories but abysmal spelling. His personal site is jacobhaddon.com

Our first project was LampLight, a magazine focusing on the darker side of fiction. But it is not intended to be a book of gore and slime, rather to go back to the previous generation of “weird” stories. The emotion of fear has a long history in fiction, as our article writer, J.F. Gonzalez talked about, and LampLight aspired to bring back some of that, to be a literary magazine as well as a horror one.


you can reach us at comments@apokrupha.com