Four Sleepless Nights

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Four_Sleepless_Nights_ebook_cvrFour novellas. Dark visions; a hitchhiker; a secret government facility; a family secret.

Four sleepless nights for you to enjoy.

Featuring fiction from:

  • Gerald C. Matics

  • Michele Mixell

  • G. N. Braun

  • William Meikle


Double Vision – Gerald C Matics

Henry has been having problems with his sight. What his doctor calls ‘floaters’ instead seems to be something much more sinister.

End of the Night – Michele Mixell

It is the ’60’s, and a young girl leaves her past to find the ocean. She finds something else on the way first.

Chimera – G.N. Braun

The Cantrell Company has a dark secret on Chimera Island and when the alarm sounds, and the communications stop, a small group of elite soldiers is sent it to find out what has happened.

The Auld Mither – William Meikle

David returns to his father’s estate after a brutal murder. David looks to finally rid himself of his father’s legacy, only to find it went deeper than he knew.