Kaiju Revisited

Women Writers – Women Heroes – Big Monsters

Monsters are rising from the deep, from the sky, and from our own kitchens. They are destroying our homes and very way of life. With new threats come new heroes—heroes of strength and intelligence. Heroes of lived experience. Women heroes, tough, strong, and ready to save the world (or destroy it, if needed).

Kaiju Revisited, a new single issue novella magazine from Apokrupha, the company that brings you Lamplight, will show the often overlooked heroes, those that are just as tough the ones we see on the screen daily, but too often left out.

Filled with action and humor, these novellas seek to push past the boundaries of the past to show you what matters isn’t your shoe size, but how well you can use it to kick ass.


#1 Marta Martinez Saves The World, by Victorya Chase

#2 Home Birth, by Jessica McHugh

#3 Ghost In The Machine, by K. H. Koehler

#4 The Thing In The Ice, by E. Catherine Tobler