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Apokrupha Year One

Apokrupha has been on my mind for over ten years at this point, sitting and waiting for me to find the time… no, not time, courage, to go out and start it. (Well, maybe a little money too.)

This week is the one year anniversary of starting it all, so first off, Happy Birthday, you big idea, let’s hope we have many more.

So in the end, what did I do?

For the first year, there were four issues of LampLight, a magazine that I hope people want to read as much as I wanted to make. The trade paper annual of LampLight will be out in July with all four issues.

Also, Dark Bits, an anthology of flash fiction will be coming out soon afterwards as both an ebook and trade paper. It is the first in a series of anthologies entitled QuickLII.

A few more projects are in the pipeline, all of which I am excited about.

All the lessons learned, all the stumbles and panics, are going towards this year. Will there be more? Of course. But that is a part of this whole journey.

Most importantly I found out I had help, friends and support. People who helped me just because I asked and had this crazy idea, and I owe them more than I can repay.

Paula, Katie, Mandy, Ron, Bob, Kelli, Kevin, Gayle and Leah: without you none of this would have happened. Thank you.

Onwards, always. Year two is starting right now, and there are many things to make before I sleep.