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Fur & Fang – CLOSED


Call for Submissions

Have you been thinking of adding more monster sex into your life? Of course you are. Who isn’t looking for furrier and fangier sex these days? If you haven’t thought about it, we are betting you are now.

Boy meets vamp, girl meets werewolf or even monster on monster, there are no holds (holes) barred in this anthology.

We are looking for the best horrotica stories out there. Add a dash of romance or maybe some comedy, whether it’s dramatic or “climactic”, we want new and original stories that will make us blush…

Never mind making us blush, if we have to read your story with two hands, it probably won’t make it into the anthology.

All participants in your story must be 18 or older, we only want monsters of legal age.

For inquiries, please email:


READING PERIOD: October 5th 2013 to November 5th 2013

PAYMENT: $50.00 flat rate

RIGHTS: non-exclusive print and electronic rightsLENGTH: 2000 words to 4000 wordsFORMAT: please use standard manuscript formatting, for more information see: submissions will be done through SubmittablePlease include your full name, contact info, and word count in the document and cover letter (the cover letter is part of the Submissions Manager, not a separate file).

REPRINTS: Unpublished work will get first consideration. Any submitted reprint must not have been published within the last 12 months, and the author must retain all applicable rights. All previous publication information (for the submitted story only) must be disclosed.

RESPONSE TIME: 60 days or less.