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Announcing the LampLight Radio Play

We are pleased to announce the launch of the LampLight Radio Play!

Inspired by the radio of the past, but built for modern ears, LampLight Radio Plays are audio adaptations of stories from LampLight Magazine. Expect great performances, naturalistic sound design, and immersive stories to unsettle and entertain.

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Episode 1 – Drowned

Deyquan just wanted to pay his electric bill after a day of work and go home. But when a customer is found dead at the payment center, something more sinister than the heavy rain outside would stand in his way of leaving.

Based on the novella, And I Watered It With Tears by Kevin Lucia, serialized in Volume 1 of LampLight

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The LampLight Radio Play will be a quarterly podcast, so look for a new episode with each issue of LampLight Magazine!