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Shadows in the Attic

Reprint Anthologies
Reprint Anthologies

My pitch to JF Gonzalez for LampLight went like this:

You know how when us younger writers don’t know an important writer? And you rant about that, but then give a list of books and stories we need to read? That. I want that.

When he said yes, it changed things. LampLIght was no longer a dream, an idea that I talked about ‘one day.’ Jesus said yes, and the keel of the magazine was laid down. Upon that, I build the rest of the ship.

Those first four articles of Shadows in the Attic are fantastic, and perhaps a bit dangerous to your bank account. But there are so many great suggestions, stories, writers and words. So much great advice and mentoring from a great writer.

Get those articles now, all 4, for 5$. Read the past, keep it alive.

Get those issues and a subscription here to support the next 5 years of LampLight

LampLight is dedicated to JF Gonzalez, always.