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Apokrupha Newsletter December 2023


We have a new newsletter, two new ways of getting it! Two old ways sticking around. This post is mostly a test post to make sure those ways work.

But since it is a public post, let’s talk about what’s new!

We are moving to WordPress Newsletters. The advantage is that it integrates with our site with no changes.

The old list is gone. Which means if you were subscribed to it, you are no longer. Sign up again if you want, or maybe take a break from newsletters after that Black Friday gauntlet.


Most commonly known as Mastodon for the moment, this blog is also now on the Fediverse. Which means if you have a Mastodon account, a Firefish, Plemora, Friendrica or any number of accounts on the Fediverse, just follow this account, and you’ll get these posts there:

What’s a Fediverse? I’m glad you asked. Here is a great resource, but the TL;DR, what if Twitter, Facebook, Instagram were all connected, so you only needed on account to see all the accounts?

(And none were corporate owned)


And, lastly, this site, as all WordPress sites, still uses RSS. You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this site using this URL:

Three ways to get Apokrupha news delivered to you. Three ways to get updates and announcements about indie horror, strange poetry, submission guidelines and more.

(Sales? Probably those too)

You can, of course, just bookmark our blog page.

Assuming this live test goes well, the first edition will be out in a few weeks to start catching everyone up on the titles we’ve released in 2023!