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Apokrupha Newsletter February 2024

This month we have some news about the news! Jessica McHugh makes the Stoker ballot and an announcement about a poetry collection by John Boden! 

Quiet Ways I Destroy You

Is on the Stoker ballet! 

Released in 2023, this is the third collection of blackout poetry by Jessica McHugh, and by far the most ambitious. At 155 pieces based on Little Women this book is a tome of poetry, art and photography. 

Comes with a free set of paper dolls! (Not appropriate for children…)

Get it in print and ebook!

and congradulations to everyone on the Stoker ballet this year, it is an amazing list of titles!

Amazon – Bookshop – Kindle – Kobo

(And if you think that covers by Lynne Hansen is amazing, wait to you see the photography by B. Saunders inside)

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

The Sunday Morning Horror News is here!

To often the news is coming by at the speed of social media. Miss a post? Was it lost in the river, or a ‘friendly’ refresh from your app? 

The Sunday Morning Horror News is a site designed to help slow down some. Bringing you news every Sunday morning from all over the web. 

This is an aggregator of blog RSS feeds. What does that mean? It means it goes and gets the recent posts from all over the horror internet, and brings them together for an easy read. 

You can subscribe via your own RSS reader as well! Or even better, go to the bottom and grab the links and follow them directly. 

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My Eyes Are Just Holograms

We are going to publish a book of poems by John Boden, entitled My Eyes Are Just Holograms

Dark and emotional, Boden has a way with words hard to explain. And I can’t wait to show off these poems. 

We will have more to announce later this year with covers and pre-orders, but we are so excited we needed to share. 

Final Words

As a teaser for the future, I want to say I’ve been working on two titles that will be out this year that are not yet ready for a full announcement, but I cannot wait to show them to you. 

Maybe spend some time finding your favorite pens, just in case. 

Planned Appearances

Here are the events you’ll find an Apokrupha booth this year. This will be updated as we add onto it! 

  • April 19–21 2024 – Creature Feature Weekend, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • April 12–14 2024 – AuthorCon III, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • June 28–30 2024 – Horror on Main, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • October 4–6 2024 – AuthorCon IV, St Louis, Missouri