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Vignettes Cover

Vignettes from the End of the World is coming soon. We wanted to show you the cover, designed by Bob Ford! This anthology of apocalyptic flash fiction features some fantastic writers!

We Forgot David

One of our Dark Bits writers was left out of the bio page, David Bernstein. His story, Don’t Blink, is a fantastic addition to Dark Bits and we wanted to make sure that his info got out.  Here is his…

Dark Bits – Table of Contents

More information about Dark Bits is coming, but we wanted to share wit you the writers who would be in Dark Bits David Bernstein is also in Dark Bits, omitted by accident!

Dark Bits – Call for Submissions

Dark Bits will be a collection of 52 horror flash fiction stories. We have no restrictions or subject or taste, only on the length. The anthology will be book and ebook formats. Reprints are welcome. Maximum of 500 words. We…