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The Year in Exile, A Note from the Editor

I’m working diligently to finish up the March issue of LampLight, and while there will be more about that soon, I am excited to announce what the plans for Volume 5 will be.

All four issues of LampLight Volume 5 will be guest edited.

The Year in Exile will start with the September issue, which will be edited by Damien Angelica Walters.

Damien’s new book, Paper Tigers has just come out, and the title story in her collection, Sing Me Your Scars has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.

The December issue will be edited by Katie Winter, the assistant editor of LampLight.

Katie has been with LampLight since the first issue, and her help has been invaluable. Her perspective has guided LampLight for years, and we are excited to have her at the helm.

We will update later for the editors of March and June 2017 issues at a later time. For now, though, send in your subs!