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LampLight Subscription Drive

We want LampLight to be a professional market. But being ‘professional’ is so much more than just a per-word payment amount. It also means payment for our editing team. It means polite, professional staff; well formatted ebooks and print copies; and most importantly, it means a readership worthy of the name.

And so we are coming to you, asking for help to achieve this goal. We want to get to 1,000 subscribers to LampLight magazine. This will allow us to increase our payments to full professional rate; hire additional readers and editors; and bring you more of the high quality dark and suspense fiction we have been for the last ten issues.

All of the funds from these purchases are going straight to us, no cut from Amazon or Kickstarter. All of these funds are going right back into LampLight magazine to pay writers and editors in our community.

These are our subscriber goals:

250 – Additional readers / editors for staff, reducing reply time for submissions

500 – At this level, we will make a bonus issue of LampLight every year that will ONLY be available to subscribers.

1,000 – LampLight becomes a Pro-Market, we adjust payment to match

We want to be a professional market, help us achieve that. Pick up a subscription, help spread the word.

Buy a Subscription

We have two ebook bundles set up as well for a limited time:

  • All ten issues of LampLight for $20
  • All Apokrupha anthologies for $20


For more information on our titles:

The Past issues: