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LampLight Print Edition Preview

Hello, hello!

It occurred to me that in this new age of digital marketing and online sales that one of the most basic elements to a magazine was going to be missed: flipping through a copy on the newsstand.

So here is a taste, if you will, of what you can find in LampLight. Our first issue, which is free, presented here as it would be in print This is the actual layout file used for our print edition (minus this note, of course), allowing you an idea of what you’ll get in the paper copies

I hope you’ll enjoy this issue, and check out more of them. We’ve had Mercedes Yardley, Mary SanGiovanni, Kealan Patrick Burke, Normal Prentiss and more, all featured in LampLight.

Thank you for reading LampLight Magazine.

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Review of LampLight Volume One on Shock Totem

John Boden of Shock Totem reviews the first annual of LampLight. He says: vol1-cover-front

“Overall, Lamplight is a great publication with a fine eye for dark fiction. A comrade more than competition. In this business, we need more of the former and less of the latter. We’re all on the same ship, in the same choppy waters, and I would gladly share a lifeboat with Lamplight. Give them a shot.”

Read the rest of the review on Shock Totem’s site. Get Volume One from Amazon. And don’t forget to check out the newest issues of Shock Totem!

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Wieland, LampLight Classics #3


by Charles Brockden Brown

wieland-cover crop
Wieland, or The Transformation, was written by Charles Brocken Brown (January 17, 1771 – February 22, 1810). First published in 1798, it is considered the first Gothic novel written by an American author.

Brought to America after the French and Indian war with their family, Clara Wieland and her brother Theodore are the children of a German immigrant. When their father dies in a mysterious manner, the children divide his property between the two of them. Clara’s letters detail the dark events that follow.

Get it today on Amazon, and find more classics at LampLight Classics

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LampLight Volume 3 Issue 1


Volume 3 of LampLight is here!LampLight_Vol3Iss1_Final 2

Our featured artist is Yvonne Navarro! She brings us a new tale, called “Drive-in Destiny.” Kelli Owen bring us the first part of her serial novella, “Wilted Lilies.” J.F. Gonzalez talks about the end of Weird Tales, the rise of comic books, Playboy and other ‘Slicks’ in this installment of Shadows in the Attic.

Featuring fiction from:

  • Gary Braunbeck
  • Sana Rafi
  • Nick Mamatas
  • Roh Morgon

Get it today in print, Kindle, Nook and more!

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LampLight Volume 2 Issue 4


Smashwords Amazon

June 2014 Our featured artist is Holly Newstein. She brings us a story called “Shadows and Light.” We talk to her about her work and collaborations. James A Moore brings us the final installment of his Jonathan Crowley story, The Devoted. J.F. Gonzalez talks to us about horror in the ’30’s and 40’s. Featuring fiction by

Colleen Jurkiewicz
Curtis James McConnell
Victor Cypert
Catherine Grant

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LampLight Volume 2 Issue 3


March 2014

Our featured artist is Mary SanGiovanni. She brings to us a new story entitled “The Mime”. Life has gotten more interesting for Jonathan Crowely in Part 3 of James A Moore’s serial novella, the Devoted. J.F. Gonzalez talks about Weird tales, both its history and influences in Shadows from the Attic.

We have fiction from

doung jai
Tim W Boiteau
Alethea Eason
Lucy A Snyder


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LampLight Volume 2 Issue 1 is Availible now!

Get LampLight Now!

Volume 2 of LampLight is here! Our featured artist is Norman Prentiss. AND starting with this issue, will be available in both ebook and PRINT.

Part One of “The Devoted” a serial novella by James A Moore, featuring Jonathan Crowley.

J.F. Gonzalez brings us part 2 of From the Stone Age to the Early Victorian Era, in 3000 Words, talking about the Conte Cruel.

Michael Knost brings us a story connected to his upcoming novel, Return of the Mothman. Fiction from Christopher Bleakley, Emma Whitehall, David Tallerman and M.R. Jordan

Get it TODAY from CreateSpace, and Amazon. eBook on Kindle and Smashwords! See for details and links!

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LampLight Volume I Issue III

The March issue of LampLight is here. Ronald Malfi joins us as the featured artist for issue 3. We talk to him about his writing styles and how his experiences have inspired his work. In our third installment of Shadows in the Attic, J.F. Gonzalez gives us a history of scary stories, taking us from pre-history through the Victorian age. Kevin Lucia brings us part 3 of his serial novella, And I Watered It With Tears.

Fiction from Matthew Warner, Sheri White, Dinos Kellis, and S. R. Mastrantone

For more information and links to where to purchase, go to: